Jane and Jon's Tea & Games Themed Wedding

This Wedding is without a doubt one of our favourites! With so many brilliant and fun ideas which looked simply sensational, The Kelmsley Team enjoyed every moment of planning and executing this gorgeous Wedding day for a truly exceptional couple! If your big day is coming up soon, you need to read Jane's invaluable advise!

Without sounding like we're on Blind Date... Hi I'm Jane, my husband is Jon and we're from LONDON! :)  We met in Nottingham whilst Jon was at uni there, through a mutual friend of ours on a night out.  I thought he was hotstuff and made a beeline for him when we got to the club, and although he lived in Nottingham and I was down in London, despite not thinking it could go anywhere we just couldn't keep ourselves apart! 

Our theme was loosely "tea and games".  We both love games and our table names were all games we've enjoyed with all of our respective friends and family.  The head table was the game "Boggle" which happened to work its way into Jon's speech when he regaled about the time he managed to beat my parents at it ("that day will forever sit alongside today as one of the best days of my life!")  Regarding the tea aspect, I wish I could say we both share a love of it, but actually it's just me that is obsessed with tea... Jon prefers coffee!  We had an earl grey infused cocktail welcome drink at the reception, and a beautiful "tea and treats" stall showcasing 5 different speciality teas all put together by Kelmsley.  This, along with all of our centrepieces, featured beautiful vintage tea cups and teapots by Ali's Vintage, and we even had flower filled teacups line our ceremony aisle too. 

What was most challenging was achieving the wedding I had designed in my head.  I blame pinterest for this!  When you get engaged, the first thing you do (right after uploading your engagement pic on social media and telling all your friends and family), is to create a Wedding pinterest board and fill it with imagery from hours trawling through wedding related pins. From dresses to hairpieces to centrepieces to invitations, I had a board displaying everything I wanted my wedding to be.  I obsessed over the details to try and fulfill my dream of what my (*cough* OUR) wedding would look like, but when the day came around I realised that actually the 2 key things that need to be absolute top of the priority list are food/drink, and entertainment for your guests (which luckily, both of which we had nailed!)  Top tip: never have your guests with empty bellies and nothing to do.

We wanted our outfits to be "casual modern glam"... Not too difficult then!  Jon ended up going for blue tails (which complemented our "Sainsbury's orange" colour scheme nicely) with a grey checked waistcoat and orange tie/pocket square/button hole.  I went for a fitted Olvis lace dress - the polar opposite to what I thought I wanted - it was absolutely amazing though as the material was a stretchy lycra, it felt as comfortable as wearing gym kit!  That's another top tip for brides - always consider comfort when choosing a dress.  It's all good and well looking amazing but if the dress makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable it might make you a touch miserable on the day.  Same goes for shoes!

We had a delicious menu of a goats cheese and caramelised onion tart, chicken with dauphinoise potatoes and eton mess for dessert.  Although the lamb option for the main was also delectable, I'm so glad we chose the chicken - it honestly was delicious and the perfect all-rounder - everybody loved it!  Special mention also has to go to the sticky sausages we had as part of our evening buffet... our friends still talk about them to this day. 


We had a beautiful Italian prosecco at our reception that Jacqueline had recommended from a tiny vineyard she had visited in the past. We also had a cocktail called "Fit For an Earl" which was a mixture of earl grey tea, prosecco and gin, plus a pretty garnish.  Soft drinks-wise Kelmsley set up three of those giant pinterest-worthy kilner jars filled with a variety of options - the pink lemonade looked particularly appealing and went down well with the guests!

The inspiration behind our flowers and decorations..Umm pinterest?!  I'd found a number of images of bouquets I liked... they were all quite different though.  Chrissy helped to identify what it actually was that I liked and design a bespoke collection of blooms that perfectly complemented one another and worked well together.  I was so happy with my flowers, it's difficult to envisage what the bouquets will actually look like (since you never see a real life example of all the flowers together), but you have to put trust in your florist and know that they'll create something amazing.  In terms of decorations, Chrissy designed some incredible tea related structures for the centrepieces with hanging teacups/teapots and the head table had a "floating pouring teapot" which looked incredible!  One thing I loved about having Kelmsley do both the food and flowers was that no flower was left unused.  She made sure the flowers from the centrepieces were used to decorate our tea and treats table, and flowers were used to decorate our incredible brownie tower cake.  We borrowed elements of the centrepieces for the flowers for the registrars table in the cermeony and the flowery teacups we had were also used to decorate the bar area during our reception.  

My favourite moment would have to be walking down the aisle!  I was so nervous, and so excited, and incredibly emotional.  I burst into tears before I even got to the end of the aisle.  Of course Jon had something to do with that, but also the impact of seeing every face you know and love looking at you as you walk towards your future is something so special and if I'm honest, a little overwhelming (in a good way!)  That's one moment I'll never forget. 

My advise to future couples would be enjoy the day!  Go with the flow, take it all in and just let the people tell YOU what to do rather than the other way around.  If you've planned your wedding well enough, all your suppliers, venue and key people will know the timings and what needs to be done so don't worry yourself with what's going on, just enjoy what you've created and let everyone else run the show :) 

Oh - and brides, do a speech.  Just do it!   It was one of my favourite bits of the wedding despite being terrified about it beforehand.  There is honestly nothing as soul-nourishing as standing up infront of all your loved ones and recognising (plus perhaps poking a bit of fun at!) the most important people in your life. 

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