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Drinks and Canapé Party Catering for 100 at leading London-based gallery in the field of Ancient Art - Charles Ede Ltd 

As we’re making our way down Oxford Street on a crisp October afternoon, we can’t help but have a jolly skip in our step.  The urban jungle beats of a busker with an array of tone-tuned saucepan lids greets us, and as we turn the corner past Bond Street Tube Station, we can’t help but pop him a few pounds for his very appropriate efforts. 


With ‘Saucepan Songs’ still ringing in our ears, we park our new, shiny and very much branded Kelmsley van in front of a truly remarkable art gallery, and start to unload our far less melodic but much more practical selection of pots and pans.  We’re here because the team at Charles Ede have invited us to help them host an open evening, to showcase their fabulous ancient artifacts.  We’re truly excited to be providing the food for such a significant event, and their expectations are high.


Atmospheric lighting, scented candles and understated arrangements of autumnal flowers hail us as we walk through the iron-clad double doors.  Keen to match the perfectly crafted pieces of art that are now all around us, we’re more determined than ever to produce both perfectly crafted and delicious canapés for this affable team of artisans.  

The Canapé Menu

  • Sussex oak smoked salmon & cream cheese crostini, onuga caviar & fresh dill
  • Puff pastry bites topped with smoked mackerel pate & fennel seeds
  • Smoked duck breast with mango & chili on brioche
  • Prosciutto ham, fig & ricotta topped crostini
  • Parmesan shortbread topped with fig chutney & mild goats cheese curd
  • Cucumber cups filled with beetroot hummus topped with fresh mint
  • French crevettes with lime & paprika mayonnaise


The Drinks Menu

  • Dominic Hentall Bourgogne Saint Veran 2013
  • Apple & Mint Mojito ‘Mocktails’
  • Still & Sparkling Water with fresh lemon

George and Jen, our resident bar managers and two peas in a very knowledgeable pod, are in their element tonight – serving an excellent wine in flawlessly polished glasses.  Saint Veran 2013 - this is how Chardonnay was always supposed to taste and offers a ripe, fresh apricot blend with a long, smooth oaked finish for a real class act of a wine.


We at Kelmsley always offer a diverse selection of menus for clients to choose from, and after our very warm welcome, we were keen to start assembling the canapes fresh on site – no soggy bottoms here!


We’re pleased to start the evening at Charles Ede with an old favorite – Smoked Salmon on Crostini, with Fresh Cream Cheese and Caviar, finished with a Sprig of Dill and served on a wooden board, garnished with fresh yellow roses.


Aware that this fine gallery is just oozing quality from every inch of its interiors, we start serving something a little more unusual to delight the clients – our Cucumber Cups filled with Beetroot Hummus topped with Fresh Mint.


These charming and rather curious canapés add a wonderful dash of colour to our stylish black slate serving trays.  Particularly refreshing among the slightly humid, perfumed air, and the hum of sophisticated banter, we can’t help but wear a grin when we hear the yummy-noises rippling across the room.  Like little works of art in their own right, these canapes are fast becoming a hugely popular option on our menu and our guests are always intrigued to know how they are made.  A recipe for another blog perhaps…


The Puff Pastry Bites topped with Smoked Mackerel Pate & Fennel Seed canapés went down a real treat.  These cosmopolitan creations not only look irresistibly high-end and sumptuous, but also provide something to engage those with a slightly stronger palette.  An intense, ocean-fresh saltiness is followed by a bite of sweet, aniseed refreshment – making these more adventurous amuse-bouche a real sensory treat.  Their debut was met with rave reviews, and they’re now a permanent addition to our menu options.  

Our Director & Executive Chef, Jacqueline, is still hard at work making the final canapés of the evening, along with another of our personally trained chefs Nikki. With an exceptional eye for detail and presentation being of topmost priority, Kelmsley’s chefs ensure our canapes always have the WOW factor.


After what feels like hardly any time at all (how 5 hours flies when you really are enjoying yourself), we start to pack up, with is made all the less arduous by a heartfelt thank-you speech from the gallery manager, George.  We are thrilled to accept bottle of cold Saint Veran to enjoy once we each get home – it’ll be a well-deserved tipple indeed, after another successful evening of gratifying graft in the company of Kelmsley and its crew.  Happy clients, happy company; we’ve got it down to our very own art.

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